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Technical seminars

With the support from KSB Indonesia, we offer a comprehensive choice of training programs. Tap into them, and help your staff extend their skills base. KSB is well known for product and on-site support. But our services go further than that. We provide a wide range of training courses. Partnering with industry leaders, we with KSB hosts a range of training workshops throughout the calendar year. On-site training is also available upon request.

Technical seminars impart in-depth knowledge of KSB pumps and system function, and explain performance details in hydraulic systems.

Please contact us to register your interest for local, relevant training

About Sukma Tirta

We love to work in teams. Every project we have done involved all of our experts and engineers working together with the customers to minimize errors, therefore achieve the optimum solution.

We do not only sell products, but we also provide consultation and selection for the right type of products that are in accordance with your budget and needs.

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