Building Services

Building Services
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All-in solutions for building services from KSB.KSB offers comprehensive know-how for economical all-in solutions. The wide range of KSB products includes pumps, valves and systems for building services.

KSB offers economically efficient all-in solutions for large and small-scale building services projects. They are used in applications such as:

Drainage– designed for reliable waste water transport

Shower or toilet facilities, garages or driveways: KSB has just the right solution for any drainage task, whether stationary or transportable equipment is required, and whether it is municipal waste water or rain water that needs pumping.KSB’s solutions can be used for Water drainage, Extraction of water from rivers, lakes and reservoirs, Drainage of domestic waste water, Drainage of sewage from toilet facilities below the flood level, Dewatering/water extraction, Waste water handling, Maintaining water levels, General drainage.

Water supply– water is our element

KSB products handle water supply duties with quick, clean reliability. They can be used in all processes, from water transport to storage and water supply.In building services, KSB pumps, KSB valves and KSB systems are employed in the following water supply applications:Pressure boosting, Water treatment, Water transport, Irrigation and drainage, Rainwater harvesting, Drinking, raw and service water supply, Lowering and maintaining groundwater levels, Fire-fighting systems, Swimming pools

HVAC: heating, ventilation and air-conditioning from KSB, the only full-liner.

In heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, only KSB supplies a full range of products. Our pumps, valves, automation products and drives bring you pathmaking technology. Together, they enable perfect combinations for highly efficient HVAC systems. And our service offerings are just as comprehensive: they cover everything from consulting through to repair.

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