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Pumps, valves and systems for water applications.As a reliable systems supplier we provides its customers with expert consulting on suitable pumps, valves and systems for water applications.

Responsible water extraction

We are well aware of our responsibility, offering top technology to extract water or lower the groundwater level. KSB pumps, valves and systems are used with great success all over the world.We are a competent partner supplying solutions for water extraction as well as for groundwater management and drawdown. KSB pumps, valves and systems stand for prime quality.

Your competent partner for efficient water treatment

We are experts in water treatment, water conditioning and seawater desalination. KSB pumps, valves and systems stand for technical progress and meet all recognised standards.

Seawater desalination

KSB is a recognised specialist for reverse osmosis (RO) processes and offers optimum solutions for MSF (multi-stage flash) and MED (multiple effect distillation) processes.

Water treatment

KSB pumps stand for innovative technology and top performance in water treatment. They are energy-efficient and reduce the life cycle costs of the systems they are installed in.

Reliable KSB solutions for optimum water transport

KSB’s trusted pumps, valves and systems provide reliable water transport and water distribution.KSB products are employed in water transport around the globe. Its pumps, valves and systems help drain flood-prone areas, for example, or provide the required pressure to overcome heights.KSB products are suited for Raw water transport, Pressure boosting, Water distribution, General irrigation and spray irrigation, Flood control, Polder pump stations, Drainage, Systems and rehabilitation.

Feature Products

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