Circulator and Drinking Water Pumps
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Circulator and Drinking Water Pumps

The new generation of energy-efficient circulator pumps

Compact, highly efficient and best of all: so simple! Calio S is KSB’s special design of the Calio circulator – a clever variant especially for small power requirements in single or multiple dwellings.

Absolute highlights of the Calio S circulator: fast and simple installation, intuitive operation and high energy efficiency. Whether it is heating or cooling, air-conditioning or ventilation: with its many variants the Calio S circulator is optimally matched to all these applications to provide homes with a pleasant climate at all times. Designed for fluid temperatures as low as +2 °C the circulator is equally as suited for air-conditioning and industrial systems. With a stainless steel casing it is also ideal for circulating potable hot water.

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