Fire-fighting Systems
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Fire-fighting Systems

Fire protection – KSB’s safe and reliable fire-fighting systems with global success

Operating reliability when it comes to it is the decisive criterion for fire protection systems. Perfectly functioning products are the guarantee that water will be delivered to put out a fire.

Etanorm MX/RX: the heart of our fire protection systems ensures maximum reliability.
Teaming up with the KSB companies, we not only provide our customers with pumps and valves but also all other equipment forming part of a fixed system for fire-fighting. We offer the necessary sprinkler pumps, pressure booster systems and all-in solutions from a single source. This shows once more that KSB can provide both custom-engineered solutions and standard systems.

Fire Fighting Pump Set

World-class quality of Fire Fighting Pumps designed to cater every buildings’ safety requirements against fire hazards

Driven by more than 140 years of global experiences in producing high quality pumps, valves, and related systems for energy, oil and gas, mining, water and sewage, as well as building services and industrial sectors.

Particularly for Fire Fighting Pumps, KSB has enjoyed over 40 years’ expertise in providing protection against fire hazards.

NFPA 20 Standard

In Indonesia, KSB Fire Fighting Pumps are specifically designed to meet the NFPA 20 standard. NFPA is the main code that governs fire pump installations in North America, it is also known as the National Fire Protection Association.

ISO 9001 Certification

In addition, value added served by the certification which ensures the quality of system applied to each process of assembling, repair and other related services.

FM Approvals

In early 2012, KSB Indonesia has obtained FM Approvals on their centrifugal fire pumps, which is prepared for KSB Australia Pty. Ltd and already been approved to be packaged and tested at KSB Indonesia.

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