Amacan P
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Amacan P

Product Description:

Wet-installed, submersible motor pump with axial propeller in ECB design for installation in discharge tubes, single-stage, single-entry, explosion protection to ATEX II G2 T3.

Irrigation and drainage pumping stations, stormwater pumping stations, handling of raw and clean water in water and effluent treatment plants, of cooling water in power stations and industrial plants, industrial water supply systems, water pollution and flood control systems, aquaculture.

Overview of technical data
Q (50Hz) 360.0 – 25,200.0 (m³/h)
H (50Hz) 0.8 – 12.0 (m)
Type of bearing Rolling element bearings
Casing partition Radially split
Drive Electric motor
Drive frequency 50 Hz /60 Hz
Type of drive Electric motor
Drive voltage Low voltage
Connection to power supply 380 V, 400 V, 690 V, 3~
Explosion protection ATEX II 2G T3
No. of impeller entries Single entry
Impeller material (EN standard) 1.4517
Type of installation Close-coupled
Type of coupling None
Type of lubrication Grease lubrication
Max. permissible fluid temperature 40.0 (°C)
Nozzle position In-line
Pump set location 00
Shaft material (EN standard) 1.4057.05, 1.4021.05
Suction characteristics Non-priming
Type of casing Tubular casing
Type of impeller Axial, Open, Propeller
Casing material (EN standard) JL 1030
eClass assignment 36410101, 36410106
Free passage 255.0 (mm)
Installation position Vertical
Shaft seal type Mechanical seal
Main applications Energy, Mining / Dredges, Water, Waste water / sewage
Casing material Cast iron
Maximum drive rating 700.0 (kW)
Type of installation Stationary
Maximum speed of rotation 1750.0 (1/min)
Technical specifications
Q max 25,200.0 m³/h
H max 12.0 m
Technical Data
Selection Curves
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