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Industrial Valves from GENEBRE – a leading company and world reference in fluid control.

GENEBRE is a leading company and world reference in fluid control and high quality taps. They control all of the creation processes, responding to the specific needs of each market: from the inicial concept and design of the product to the production and commercialization.

Ball Valves

Butterfly Valves

Regulation and Control Valves

Check Valves

Gate Valves

Globe Valves

Needle Valves

Fire Protection Valves


Sanitary Line

Automation and Control


Industrial Instrumentation

Sanitary Valves from GENEBRE – a leading company and world reference in fluid control.

In our section of products of the Hydrosanitary line you will find all kinds of valves, accessories and water meters that have the highest quality standards.

Valves & Accessories

Climate Control

Gas Valves

Solenoid Valves


Water Meters

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Genebre is a leading company in valves and accessories for fluid control, taking care of the product in detail and ensuring maximum safety and reliability. If you wish to receive more information or advice regarding products from the hydrosanitary line or any other section, do not hesitate to contact us.

Valves from KSB – Cutting-edge technology, first-class quality.

KSB valves are used in power stations, buildings, on ships and in process and water engineering systems. Alongside globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, diaphragm valves and check valves, the product range also includes actuators and positioners.

Soft-seated Globe Valves

T max 120 °C
DN max 200
PN max 16

Bellows-type Globe Valves

T max 350 °C
DN max 350
PN max 25

Globe Valves with Gland Packing

T max 450 °C
DN max 400
PN max 40

Automated Globe Valves

BOA-H Mat E 
T max 350 °C
DN max 150
PN max 25

Control Valves

T max 450 °C
DN max 200
PN max 40

Balancing and Shut-off Valves

BOA-Control IMS 
T max 120 °C
DN max 350
PN max 16

Level Control Valves

T max 70 °C
DN max 300
PN max 16

Centred-disc Butterfly Valves

T max 130 °C
DN max 1,000
PN max 16

Competence since 1871

We have supplied generations of customers worldwide with pumps, valves, automation products and services. A company with that kind of experience knows that success is a process based on a stream of innovations. A process made possible by a close working alliance between developer and user, between production and practice.

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