About Us

About Us
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Our Vision

To be the best distributor company for the world leading brand of pumps and valves.

Our Mission

  • To be the most reliable partner by providing the best solution for the customer’s need for water pumps and valves.
  • To develop employee potential with assignment, training, coaching, counseling and mentoring for their future career and welfare.
  • To develop effective and efficient operational system so as to increase company’s profits and employee benefits.


  • Established in 2014
  • Wide range of pumps and valves
  • Highly experienced in Pumps & Systems
  • Fast and prompt delivery
  • Installation, commissioning, maintenance and service
  • Solution to meet your needs and budget
  • Private limited company

About Sukma Tirta

We love to work in teams. Every project we have done involved all of our experts and engineers working together with the customers to minimize errors, therefore achieve the optimum solution.

We do not only sell products, but we also provide consultation and selection for the right type of products that are in accordance with your budget and needs.

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We combine in-depth customer insights with technical expertise in pumps and valves to help our clients find the most sustainable, efficient and economical solution and help your businesses take the next step forward.
With more than 20 years experience in the pump business. We are really confident that we could deliver the best solution and service to our customers. Contact us now!


Sukma Tirta distributes the broadest line of pumps and valves products in the industry to suit virtually every fluid handling need. We ensure to have sufficient stock what is commonly used in Indonesian markets. We will also stock some specific customer’s needs, saving them the expense and warehouse space. Talk to us and tell us what you need!

We distributes only the world leading manufacturers in each type of pumping technology and valves, top rated in their industry.

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